Hey, Hey! Thanks for being here!

My name is Cindi – I started this page 4 months before I went live! What the heck happened???
I can tell you… I am a master procrastinator. And I can easily get paralyzed by new things that I haven’t done before. For me – this blog has continually been hard to start because I can’t figure out WordPress! How dumb is that? But, hey – it’s the truth! I’ve been wanting to write about my business journey for SO long… and every time I start, I get hung up on the technical aspects, and the design… and how there must be a magic button I’m missing! They say “anyone can start a blog” HA!!! Not so easy for me! 

So, what is this going to be all about? Well – I have owned a fitness studio for the past 5 years. Aug 2nd was our 5 year anniversary! And we are in the middle of opening our 2nd location! It has been so hard, and so amazing, filled with countless scary days, but SO MANY days that fill my heart I literally cry happy tears! Wait until I get into the video blog – you’ll for sure see me cry! My staff knows it, my friends know it, and my family definitely knows it… I can’t talk about things that are close to my heart (mainly my boys and my business) without tearing up. Everyone talks about finding your “why” – the best quote I ever heard on this was from an infectious speaker named Coach Mike (follow him at @getcoachmike) who says “If your why doesn’t make you cry, it’s not strong enough”… people! Seriously!!! I get teary just writing this – that’s how passionate I am about what I do!

So, what is it that I do? Besides start every paragraph with “So,” (mental note – stop it!) Besides owning a successful barre studio (we’ll get into the definition of “successful” soon enough!), I am a wife to an amazing man who has been my rock for the past 27 years. I am a mom to 2 incredible boys age 18 and 15. And I absolutely LOVE what I do… I am on fire to provide a space at my studio for my team and my clients that is so much more than just a great workout. It lights my heart up to hear how we have changed peoples lives! That may sound lofty, and if you are reading this thinking “how is my little business going to do that?” let me tell you that it doesn’t matter what type of business you run – you have the opportunity to change lives!

That’s why I am starting this blog… to share my story and to help you figure out ways to get your life and your business to the absolute highest level and get to a point where you have FIERCE ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life. I am getting ready to open my second location which is terrifying and beyond exciting at the same time! I want to share the struggles and the wins to helpfully give you the courage one day to do the same!

I also want to talk candidly about running a team – what takes you from just being a BOSS to being an ABUNDANT LEADER! How you can successfully go from “managing” to “inspiring” and have team members that you trust and that more importantly, trust YOU! Having a Servant Leader heart is core to this philosophy and the key to the kingdom (so to speak) in terms of having a successful crew of humans that not only support but SHARE in your vision!
So, (ugh… I’ll stop using “so”… NOW👇) please comment or DM me with questions about anything you are struggling with! If I have experience, I will share. If I don’t, I will research and find answers and discuss them with you! I am excited to be on this never-ending journey of learning how to be a better business owner, a better human to all my humans, and live the most abundant life I can live during this one shot on earth!

Much love, Cindi

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