{Last 90 days of the DECADE}

October 1st… Day one of the last 90 days of the year (shout out to all my Rachel Hollis fans!) and even more crazy – the last 90 days of the DECADE! I heard that yesterday from Rachel Hollis (yes, I’m a fan girl!) and it gave me chills. Then I announced it in classes at the studio and each time I said it, I got chills! WHY??? Why is this one little bit of info hitting me so hard? I think it’s because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what the next 10 years is going to look like for me and my family. And the fact that we are literally at the end of one decade, heading into the next, with a world of hope and possibility laid out before me – I get a little emotional!

So, what will the next 10 years look like for you? For me, you know I’ve got my studio in Newbury Park. I’m excited to continue to grow and nurture that. I’m also about to open my second studio in Ventura, so that’s going to be a big part of my next 10. But also, I’m a self-improvement junkie! I get so excited by a new book or podcast with someone giving me great advice on how I can live my best life. I know, that sounds so cheesy – but I really do love it! You know – I already talked about all the crazy Netflix specials I watch (speaking of which – go watch “Losing Sight of Shore.” WOW. That’s all – just WOW.)

I can get really lost in my big plans for the next 10 years, but what I am loving right now is the idea of just focusing on the next 90 days. Too many times I have gotten to the end of the year and just basically said “F” it! I eat too much, I drink too much and I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t focus on my big goals because there are too many THINGS and hey, that’s what new years resolutions are for, right? I tell myself each year that all this ‘fun” I’m having will all get straightened out come January 1st (or January 2nd if we’re being honest!) because “you gotta live!”

But while I’m eating, drinking and being merry, what I’m feeling is tired, sluggish, and headachy. How is anyone able to start strong in January feeling like this!? I can’t tell you how many New Years Eve’s I went to bed feeling gross (having ate and drank too much because “this was my last night! I start tomorrow!”) with the best intentions of changing everything the next day…and it just doesn’t work that way. How do I know? Because it happens to me every year – and this year I am determined to make a change. I am determined to live the next 90 days with intention to get myself to the end of the year feeling so damn good I will be unstoppable!

This idea resonates with me so much right now because of how much I have on my plate. I know that there is absolutely no way I will accomplish what I want to accomplish without getting my shit together now! I don’t have time to wait until January… and frankly, I want more for myself NOW!

I know this is not how all of you experience the holidays – or life in general! My husband, for example can pretty easily turn down sweets or at least have one or two without mowing through the whole plate! And he is pretty consistent with his workouts. But when I get busy and stressed, I’ll grab cookies (sugar is my drug!) or easily skip a workout. This might sound strange coming from someone who owns a fitness studio! But I GET IT! It’s freakin’ hard to keep up a workout routine when you are busy, and let’s face it WE ARE ALL BUSY! Life is not any easier for any of us, we just have different things to deal with – all of which fight for a big chunk of time every day!

That’s why I’m writing this here – I am committing to myself – in front of you – that I will be intentional over the next 90 days. I will arrive in 2020 feeing healthy, happy and strong! This is the promise I am making to myself: limit sugar and alcohol, go to bed earlier, move at least 30 minutes a day (no exception), meditate for 10 minutes every day, and be present where my feet are (one last RH shout out for that one!).

How about you? Will you commit with me? I’ve created a daily tracker that I’m using to help stay the course. Email me at cindi@fierceabundance.com if you want a copy!

So, 2020 is now only 89 days away… I cannot WAIT to do everything in my power to arrive on January 1st as the best version of myself!


Published by fierceabundance

Hey there! I'm a fitness studio owner, a wife of 22+ years, a mom of 2 teenage boys and I'm crazy-motivated to help you reach all your goals!

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