That’s a hard one for me. When I have an idea or want to do something, I want it NOW. And I generally believe that I can get it done or make it happen. So, when I have to wait on someone else, or live by their timeline, it can be SO frustrating!
Today is October 10th, and in my calendar, I had October 5th as our target open date for the new studio. UGH!!!! And as it stands today… the studio is just sitting there waiting for a contractor to get working! The picture here is what it looks like. We taped the floor almost 6 weeks ago and nothing has happened since!

Of course, by “nothing” I don’t mean “nothing”… there have been countless other things that have been going on that have all been making progress towards opening. We had the most amazing architect do our plans, the people at the city have been THE BEST, and we had our first Sign-Up event to introduce ourselves to Ventura (we had several people show up and SIGN UP!) and our next event is this weekend. We’ve also been training 6 amazing women who will be barre{tenders} at both locations. Oh, and we’ve been running the existing studio… all very busy, and very rewarding.

But, when I sit here and actually think about the fact that the Ventura location is just an empty room and no work is being done, it makes me a little crazy! Why can’t contractors call back? Why can’t they keep their word? Why are they all so damn expensive???? I’ve got 3 new guys (one I met with this morning, 2 are coming tomorrow) and as always, I have high hopes! The guy I met today was great – really nice, smart, seemed eager to do the job (but then again, they all do!). I’m sending him the info I’ve sent 6 or 7 other guys and I hope and pray that he comes back with a reasonable price and timeline.


They say hindsight is 20/20… after having my current studio for 5 years, I’m definitely no expert, but at least I have perspective. When I opened in 2014, I was supposed to open the doors in April of that year. We ended up opening FOUR months later! At the time, I remember feeling completely out of control and miserable over those lost months. But in hindsight, 5 years later, none of it mattered. We opened, people came, and we’ve continued to grow. That knowledge is the only thing that is keeping me sane right now.

Shannon (my bestie) has a sign on her wall that her mom gave her. It says something to the effect of “Everything happens on time and exactly when it should.” I saw that in her house several years ago and it really struck me. It’s something I remind myself almost daily. Whether I’m struggling with something one of my kids is doing, or with something happening at the studio – I tell myself everything happens on time and exactly when it should. It calms me down. It reminds me that I am not in control. And it reminds me to have patience.

If you are like me… if you own a business, if you are working your ass off raising a family, if you’re doing all the things to make a better life… you’re a hustler. And hustlers don’t do well with patience because we MOVE. We need to be doing something. And what I’ve learned recently (and am trying daily to put into practice) is to take the time that is forced upon me (in my current case, the time that is seemingly being “wasted” by these contractors) and be productive in other ways. If you listen to Brendan Burchard, you know he talks about the idea of “who needs me to show up today?” I love this, because over the past several weeks, instead of focusing on ME, and on the time that is going by, I’ve been trying hard to think “who needs me?” and it has changed my perspective! As I said above, we are training 6 phenomenal humans to be barre{tenders} and it has been A LOT! So many hours coaching, observing, reviewing… but that’s about me and my time. What I love about shifting my perspective to them is knowing that they are giving it 100% and they need me to show up for THEM! Yes, I am an open book, so there are times when I show up and I vent my frustrations a bit, but for the most part the energy I’ve been able to re-direct into them has set me free in a sense from the worry of timelines and contracts and buildouts. At the end of the day, I fall asleep knowing that I showed up for someone who needed me, they are making HUGE progress, which in turn is making progress for me.

And as a business owner, that’s how it goes, right? So many things “behind the curtain” but when you show up for your team, HOW WILL YOU SHOW UP? Maybe you don’t own a business, but you run a team at work, or a FAMILY at home! How will you show up? Who needs you today? Who needs you to have patience?
And if you need to practice more patience, what can that look like for you? We all know great things never happen over night and we are told to “enjoy the journey.” THAT IS SO FREAKING HARD when you’re in the weeds! And when you don’t yet have that perspective, when you aren’t at the point in your journey to look back on anything, it can be disheartening. But here’s the thing – we’ve all been through shit that was hard and that we didn’t think we would have the patience to get through – and we did. I try to teach my kids about delayed gratification. It’s one of the hardest lessons to learn, but so rewarding! And all it takes is patience.

So, just before I started writing this, I opened my calendar and circled December 7th as our new projected date (November 16th was on there, but that’s not happening!). I think there is a fine balance between goal setting and patience to reach the goal… and having flexibility along the way. I know I WANT to open on December 7th and I will do everything in my power to make it happen. But when the things that are out of my control creep up, I will remind myself to have patience and re-direct my energy. Forward motion is progress no matter what!

In the meantime, I will continue to ask “who needs me to show up today?” and I will be present for them. I know that in 5 years from today, I will have a thriving studio in Ventura and the difference between October 5th and December 7th will have nothing to do with the success of the business. But the people I hire and the time I put into growing and nurturing my staff will be everything! And that’s my ultimate goal, so THAT is where my energy will lie… as I wait patiently for the contractors to get back to me!

Have a wonderfully productive day!
Much love,


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Hey there! I'm a fitness studio owner, a wife of 22+ years, a mom of 2 teenage boys and I'm crazy-motivated to help you reach all your goals!

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